The Idea 


We're a chilled, positive, open minded, adventure seeking, fitness loving, globe trotting, fun crew.

We spend time making mad threads but make time for living, evolving and achieving in our other passions 'cause we want to live to the fullest.

If there is an opportunity, we travel. If there is a challenge, we conquer it. And we don't need any excuses to get together for a burger, a beer or a laugh.

If you see us, come say hello. 



Our Style

We make cool clothes that can be used in "everyday" life from the highest quality fabrics. Our threads can be dressed up or dressed down. Do what you like with them.

Wear them to the gym. To a cafe, bar or restaurant. To the airport, transit or jetty. We make stylish designs to suit almost any occasion. Trust us...we are always on the move, switching between passions and attacking the day. A moment in the hurt locker, the next in a meeting, followed by a weekend adventure.

Travel experiences have inspired us to combine a European and Western fit. But who cares about that...either way you are going to look good. 

100% Handmade. 100% Ethical.

We have travelled the world seeking not only the most exotic and beautiful destinations, best burgers, coldest beers on tap and the most "hectic" sporting events, but we also sought manufacturers that are trustworthy, fun like us and ethical.

Our garments are designed and sampled in Australia. Once we have put them to the test (a heap of washes, gym sessions, insta polls and all the other back end boring stuff) we work closely with our manufacturer to produce them. We love this part because it gives us an excuse to travel and get together to discuss tee specifications whilst quenching our wanderlust thirst.

Our mantra E V O L V E today C O N Q U E R tomorrow
— the evoque apparel team

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